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  • The design process was made on SOLIDWORKS. There are multiple version of the hand over time. And the latest version is 4. I am still working version 5 to integrate the electronics inside the hand.

  • The goal of the process is to project the hand motion onto the bionic 3d printing hand through the help of the flex sensor, servos and Arduino. 

  • However, during the testing and implementing the electronics onto the hand, i realize that that finger are too rigid and heavy plus the strong spring at each joint for the servo to pull .

  • Therefore, I am working on version 5, aiming to reduction the weight of the finger and redesigning the model to be hollow at the palm so that the electronics can be stored inside instead at the palm in version 4.

  • The following pictures will show the designing and manufacturing process. 

  • Recommended: Please press AR in the green box to enter AR feature of the 3D model.

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