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back view
passenger chair
another view
Internal strudcture
  • During Spring 2021, with 3 members, we (HyperX Team) decided to participate in CAD competition organized by McMaster University. Our objective of the competition is to design Hyperloop Interior, which requires a combination of creativity and technical skills to develop a solution.

  • The design includes the transparent ceiling, which allowed passengers to view outside and maximum lightning. The interiors is designed with ensure the maximum comfort for the customer to move around. Besides, between each seat there is a wall to ensure the customer’s privacy. The LCD screen is attached on the wall to allowed customers to entertain with movie. Underneath the LCD, there is a cabinet, which can store passenger’s belongings. The chair is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic such that passengers do not feel any trouble when move in or out. The table right beside the chair can move forward or backward to adapted to passenger’s reference. Lastly, the window on the side can also provide more sight seeing for the customers.

  • Even though our team do not win the competition. We are still glad that we have a change to compete again people from around the world and we gained great experience.

  • Recommended: Please press AR in the green box to enter AR feature of the 3D model.

  • View more about our presentation here: 

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